Jose Luis Rodriguez

Jose Luis Rodriguez has the capacity to blend elements from many different cultures and styles, creating his own music from the most essential roots of flamenco. The result is a new kind of composition, flamenco in its origin, but universal and fresh in its sound, which integrates other styles in a fluid manner without ever losing its identity.

“The concepts of essence and fluidity are always present in my mind, giving form to my music. A fluid technique; hands guided by the soul and the mind; fluidity of my intuition and inspiration; an organic, never contrived, movement of my hands. It’s the essence of the soul; the darkest impasse of silence, exploring and crawling towards a brilliant, unclouded, and luminous note. Ancestors, who inspire, move and resonate, and flourish inside the notes that I collect, through the path I chisel in each new composition”. -Jose Luis Rodriguez

Life and times “It all began in Chaouen (Morocco), where, as a very young boy I became fascinated by the chants calling to prayer, the “cante” flamenco in my father’s old gramophone and that little guitar that I could barely grab. My destiny forged itself around a guitar, around flamenco and the mixture of sounds that surrounded me. There exist no memories in my mind without some of those elements in one way or another. From that moment on, my entire learning, good friend and faithful life partner of my experiences, continues to guide me.” -Jose Luis Rodriguez

Jose Luis Rodriguez is among the most important guitarists of his generation. Considered the continuation of the school of Mario Escudero, his music is characterized by his capacity of interpretation and composition, which supports itself with impeccable technique.

After years at the hand of his teacher Mario Escudero he recorded his first album “Andalusí” (1986) for the Organization of American States (OAS) and toured the United Status in a show by the same name. After being a finalist for the Giraldillo in 1990, his career took a different path and he began to accompany important figures in Flamenco song and dance such as Carmen Linares, Naranjito de Triana, José Mercé, La Susi, Manolo Marín and Isabel Bayón, among others, while beginning to compose music for various Flamenco dance companies.

JLR has composed music for Cristina Hoyos’ prestigious Flamenco dance company Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. With this company his most recognized works are “Al compás del Tiempo”, “Yerma”, “Tierra Adentro” and “Viaje al Sur”, along with the soundtrack for the film “Despacito y al compás”.

Since 2005 and after nine years as composer for Cristina Hoyos’ Ballet, he returned to his solo career as a concert guitarist and created his work “De mis Manos”.

In 2007, after composing the music for Belén Maya’s “Dibujos” and “Souvenir”, he composed a new work entitled “Alfonsina, la mujer del mar”, commissioned by Bailes Ferrer, with the voice of Cuban singer Gema -- Corredera where he combined both Flamenco and Afro-Cuban music, entitled by critics and the press in the US as “flamenco-filin”.

In 2011 he relocated to the US, where he debuted “Intimate Spaces,” a new work that pushed the boundaries of flamenco as we know it. This “Nu” flamenco is characterized by a technical rigor that is not subjected to form, but rather is driven by the conceptual framework of the topics and themes that transform the space and offer audiences an experience that goes beyond a musical concert.

JLR is currently on tour with three very distinct productions:

“Espacios Intimos” (Intimate Spaces), with his flamenco guitar ensemble

“La mujer en el mar” (The Lady in the Sea) with guest artist Gema Corredera (Cuba)

“io: Flamenco Abstractions”. Experimental electro-acoustic project with David Font (elctronics). In addition, he is working on a new multi-disciplinary production

“Resonancias” alongside choreographer Niurca Marquez based on the legacy of memories in the life of an artist and his/her art. Compositions:

“A Contratiempo”, for Manolo Marín’s company (1991)

“Y después América”; “Horizontes”; “Nostalgia” y “Estuaria”, “Hacedora de Sueños”, “Callejuelas del Poniente” (Huelva, between 1992 and 1997) for various commissions

“Al Compás del Tiempo”, “Tierra Adentro”, “Tiempo y Compás”, “Yerma” and “Viaje al Sur” for Cristina Hoyos and the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía

In August 2004 he premieres “Intimo”, at the Lincoln Theater in Miami Beach, a guitar concert with the collaboration of Indian percussionist Suhdi Rajagopal and flamenco dancer Belén Maya

“Memoria Andalusí”, concert fusing Arabic music and flamenco with collaboration of Jamal Ouassine (violin) and Nour Eddine (voice)

“Espejos del Alma”, collaboration with Miami-Dade Collage and Bailes Ferrer

“Dibujos” and “Souvenir” for Belen Maya

In August 2007 he presented “La mujer del mar”, his new work based on the fusion of Afro-Cuban and Flamenco styles with special guest Gema Corredera

Other Collaborations:

Musical arrangements for guitar for “El Viaje Interminable” by composer Ana Fort (1991)

Creation of andalusian music group named Gavia, alongside director and composer Vicente Sanchos and based on the poems by Juan Ramón Jiménez in his book “Platero y Yo” (1996)

Participation in the show “Milenio”, at the Palau de la Música of Barcelona and Teatro Real in Madrid with Cristina Hoyos and Luis Llach Composition of part of the comic opera “Carmen 2, le retour”, by Gérôme Savary (2001)

In 2006 Ramón Oller uses part of his work in some of his choreographies in the show “La Bendita”. Composition of music and participation in “La voz y el grito”, with Persian musicians and Flamenco singer Rosario La Tremendita (2007)

Prizes: National Prize of Young Interpreters in Seville’s Biennial Festival, 1984

National Prize of Jerez, 1985

Huelva Critic’s Prize, 1988

Hospitalet National Prize, 1989

Hospitalet City Medal, 1990

Finalist of the Giraldillo for Guitar in Seville, 1990

Recordings: ANDALUSI by José Luis Rodríguez (1986), published by the Organization of American Status (OAS)

COMPILATION SELECT by José Luis Rodríguez, unedited compositions for various commissions (2003)

MEMORIA ANDALUZI Live concert by José Luis Rodríguez and Arabian musicians By Jose Luis Rodríguez (2011) Bujío Producciones